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Shiho Tendou

Shiho Tendou is a 3 Daime Tendou-Ryu Japanese Dance Performer, Choreographer, and Kimono Model. She is the main performer for the Tendou-Ryu Japanese Dance Organization

Since the age of 3, Shiho has been training within the Tendou Ryu traditional dance group that her grandmother established in 1984. She also has been training under one of the best Nihon-buyo and Kabuki dance performers, Kikuhiro Otowa. 

Shiho majored in Theater Arts at Nihon University of Arts and studied acting and Japanese Dance. Through her Japanese dance experience and performance, she desires to show the real beauty of performing arts; that is, to invoke the beauty of spiritual energy and emotion in order to help the audience understand and feel more than they normally would from something purely visual.


  • 1990 Began learning Shinbuyo style Japanese dance under Tendo-ryu Organization

  • 2005 Began training Classical Japanese dance and Kabuki dance under Kikuhiro Otowa 

  • 2010 Nihon University of Art BS in Performing Arts

  • 2011 Nihon University of Art Graduate Studies of Performing Arts 

  • 2018 Member of Wazaogi-za, A Japanese Kabuki Dance Group 


Theater dance performance experiences from 1991 to 2023:


Solo Performances:

Kashiwazaki culture center, Niigata, Japan (1991-2013)

Asakusa Koukaido Theater Tokyo, Japan (2000-2013)

Kaburenjyou Theater Kyoto, Japan (2003)

Aichi International exposition (2005)

Joestu Culture Center, Niigata Japan (2009-2010)

Kyoto City Theater Hall, Kyoto Japan (2010-2013)

転生輪廻( tenseirinne ) in Sakaguchi Memorial Museum, Niigata, Japan ( 2015)

WaMiyabi in in Sakaguchi Memorial Museum, Niigata, Japan ( 2017)

WaMiyabi in Cabrille, Niigata, Japan (2017)

Kashiwazaki Bunka Center, Niigata, Japan (2019)


Group theater dance performances:

Kokuritsu Theater, Tokyo, Japan (2006)

Nihonbashi Theater, Tokyo, Japan (2006)

Asakusa Theater , Tokyo Japan (2006-2011)

Joetsu Culture Center, Niigata, Japan (2010)

Chiba Funabashi Theater, Chiba, Japan (2009)


Performances in the United States:

Winchester Community Center in Las Vegas (2003)

Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas (2005, 2012)

Several performances in Sacramento (2014-2018)

Wa-Bi Kohaku Concert guest performer (2018) 

Atwater Playhouse is Los Angeles (2019)

​San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival(2019)

Anime Expo (2022) 

Cherry blossom Festival (2023)

Valley Asian Festival (2023) 

Sigma Performance (2023) 

Fallbrook Library Japanese dance lecture (2023) 

Camarillo Library Japanese dance Lecture (2023) 


Glass Slippers (2010),

The Crescent Moon (2014)

Project Amos (2015)

Jyangara Nenbutsu Odori (2017)

Sakura Sakura (2018)

Entre Dos Aguas (2019) 



Winner of the Japanese Creative Dance Competition: 2nd place (2007)

Chosen as a professional young dancer team "OBU" (2005)

Kimono Queen Contest finalist (2006)



Japanese local TV (JCV): Dance lesson for young learners (2012)

Japanese local News Papers

Drone Collaboration

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